Our Mission

Dover Investment Advisory Corporation (DIAC) provides a reasonably priced investment advisory service to individuals, small companies, endowments, and foundations. We strive to ensure that our clients participate in the world's capital markets with a broadly diversified portfolio constructed in a rational and cost effective manner. We accomplish these objectives by investing primarily, but not exclusively, in low cost mutual and exchange traded funds.

Why use DIAC?

Making sound investment decisions is more important than ever. We face increasing financial pressure as we bear the cost of educating our children, funding a comfortable retirement, paying for healthcare, and caring for aging relatives. Regardless of the importance of managing their investments, most people simply do not have the time to undertake this role. We understand this, and believe that most people are better served by focusing their time and energy on their career and family, while leaving their investment management to us. DIAC will relieve you from the investment decision making process by providing a service that is reasonably priced and free from any conflicts of interest. Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable and ready to serve your investment needs.