Investment Performance

Our investment results for the balanced strategy and the equity strategy are presented in both graphic and tabular form. The tables show the annual, annualized, and year-to-date results, along with a set of benchmarks that represent a very large portion of the publicly investable asset spectrum. The line charts show the cumulative performance of each strategy. The line charts are presented as a series of multi-year periods. All of the investment results are calculated after deducting the 0.5% annualized fee on a quarterly basis (0.125% per quarter is deducted).

Performance Disclosures

Portfolio Structure:

The structure of Stuart Nagode's personal portfolio (DIAC's founder) serves as the basic template for all client portfolios. Mr. Nagode's portfolio has maintained an asset allocation of roughly 60% to 70% equities / 30% to 40% fixed income since inception. Each client's equity / fixed income allocation is based on the investment time horizon and risk tolerance of that client. Clients with a shorter investment time horizon and/or lower risk tolerance will have a lower equity exposure than clients with a longer time horizon and/or higher risk tolerance. Clients with fixed income exposure target of greater than 5% are in the DIAC Balanced Strategy.

Some clients employ DIAC to manage a portfolio almost exclusively focused on equities. These clients, whose fixed income exposure target is 5% or less, are in the DIAC Equity Strategy.

Within each of the two broad asset class categories (equity & fixed income) all portfolios (Mr. Nagode's and all clients) are substantially similar. For example, if Mr. Nagode's target exposure to domestic large cap value funds is 18% of his total equity exposure, all DIAC clients would have approximately 18% of their total equity exposure in domestic large cap value funds. Any differences are the result of either fund availability (funds close to new investors from time to time) or client specific factors (timing of cash flows, risk factors, taxes, etc.).

Performance Results:

The performance track record accompanying these disclosures is derived from Mr. Nagode's personal portfolio, not a composite of client portfolio returns. The DIAC Balanced Strategy returns are derived from the portfolio of Mr. Nagode (target allocation: 60% to 70% equity / 30% to 40% fixed income). The DIAC Equity Strategy returns are derived from the equity portion of Mr. Nagode's personal portfolio.

DIAC's 0.125% quarterly fee (0.5% annual fee) has been deducted from each quarter ending assets in the performance calculation to ensure "net of fee" returns. The investment performance includes all dividends and other income, earnings and distributions generated by the securities in the portfolio.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.