DIAC provides the following services:

We offer two portfolio strategies: equity and balanced.

We select and monitor each of the funds used to implement your investment strategy.

We stay informed of events affecting the world's financial and capital markets that are relevant to your investment strategies.

We invest your assets on a discretionary basis in mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and other appropriate financial instruments.


DIAC invoices clients in advance each calendar quarter. The quarterly fee is calculated by multiplying the value of the assets under management at the beginning of the calendar quarter by 0.125% (0.5% annualized fee). When applicable, the fee is collected directly from the client's account. In such cases, DIAC sends a duplicate invoice to the client.

DIAC's minimum account size is $500,000. This minimum asset size can be reached over a period of time not to exceed 24 months. This minimum includes all taxable, tax deferred (401k, 403b, IRA, etc.), and tax free assets that DIAC considers when developing the portfolio strategy. The 0.5% annual fee applies to all of these assets. Fees for accounts with assets in excess of $3 million are eligible for breakpoints in the fee schedule. A minimum fee might apply during the first two years of the relationship.